Meet Alvin


Do you like a good challenge? Consider yourself savvy with cats? Have extra time to spend with a kitty that needs your attention and patience in learning to trust humans? We have a few shy cats that we rescued from euthanasia and need your help in turning them around. These cats are not aggressive, and they will play with the toys you put in front of them. They just need a chance to work with someone that can give them the time they need to develop human trust. We believe they have a chance to be adopted one day; they just need a dedicated foster that can work with them on a daily basis. If you are working from home these days and have the extra room to work with a kitty that gets along with other cats, please consider working with one or both of the following kitties. They just need time and patience.

Alvin – Orange Tabby Male – 9 months
He will run from you and hide when you walk into the room, but as soon as you bring out the string toys and show him it’s play time he will immediately come out and play. Although he keeps a safe distance, he focuses on the toy and forgets about the person behind th. In a few weeks you can even get close enough to him to give Alvin a few pets. He loves to chase the laser. He is not aggressive. He needs to learn that humans can be trusted and they mean him no harm. If only he had more hours with his foster, he has the potential Ito develop into a trusting cat. He gets along with other cats once introduced properly.

If you are interested in fostering Alvin, please email