Anna, Beth and Mag’s Rescue Story

Anna, Beth and Mag’s Rescue Story

Told by her adopter Liz J.

Meow! I’m Anna. I came to PPAH in 2010 with my sister, Beth. We lived in our foster home for 2 years until our foster mom’s sister graduated college. Then my new mom and I moved into an apartment just the two of us. She started calling me Nana and we had a couple of months alone before Beth came to live with us.

Soon my mom met a boy she really loved, so he moved in with us, too. I was pretty scared at first (I’m a little shy) but he started giving me treats. Food is my love language so I warmed up to him fast. Mom is my best friend but I cuddle with Dad a lot, too. My favorite toy is a strawberry and I think it’s my baby. I carry her around the house in my mouth meowing at her. I love it when Dad gives me shrimp or chicken, and sometimes Mom lets me share her ice cream. I’m a polydactyl kitty, which used to make me self-conscious. But Mom and Dad say I have special toes. I drool when I’m really happy and I like to give Mom and Dad headbutts to show them how much I love them. I love to be brushed and I love laying on Mom while we watch movies. Sometimes Beth lays with us, or my new sister they adopted, Magnolia.

In June, my eye started watering and a lump formed on my jaw. Mom took me to the vet but they didn’t think it was a big deal. It really hurt but I didn’t know how to tell them. Mom and Dad took me to a new vet, who said I had a tumor. It was pretty scary and it grew fast. They had just bought a new house and kept telling me how great it was, so I held on for as long as I could. They started giving me medicine and fluids, and those really helped.

The new house was really cool! I loved going out in the screened-in porch and smelling the fresh air. During the day, I would hang out in the office while Mom and Dad worked and lay in the sun under the skylights. But my mouth really hurt and it kept getting worse. I could tell Mom and Dad were sad but I stayed strong for them. Once the tumor started bleeding, they made the decision to say goodbye to me. I heard them on the phone with the new vet and I meowed to tell them it was okay. I was ready to go.

We went to the vet and they brought my strawberry to keep me safe They gave me lots of kisses and hugs, and I purred to let them know it was okay. I left quickly and without any pain. They cried a lot but I’m in a happy place now with all the treats I need. I’ll see them on the other side, whenever they’re ready, and I’ll be waiting with lots of purrs and cuddles.