Arina’s Rescue Story

Arina’s Rescue Story

Told by her adopter Vickie W.

Meow! My name is Arina. I am 12 years old. Lucky for me I was rescued 10 years ago.

After being with the only home I knew for 2 years, I was taken and dropped off at an animal shelter. I was terrified, heart broken and so confused why my caretakers would just abandoned me – what did I do wrong?

One day, my world changed when I met a wonderful lady named Vickie. She was a volunteer at the animal shelter and she realized how scared I was and took extra time with me. She would hold me and talk to me and made me feel so much better. I was at the shelter for two months and on a day Vickie was volunteering cleaning my cage she overheard them talking how there was no interest in anyone adopting me. The Director had made the decision for me to be euthanized that day. Vickie was not going to let that happen and immediately went to the Director and told them that she wanted to adopt me – yes me! I’m so grateful Vickie volunteered that day as it changed our lives forever.

Now, I am happy to say, I have had a very pampered life. I sleep on down pillows, get treats several times a day – not to mention I get loved on all the time.

I am loved, I am wanted and Life has been good. Open your heart and share your bed with a loving ball of fur! Save a fellow kitty cat and rescue one today! – Arina