About Chester

Chester is a 1-year-old, male cat with a sleek black coat. And boy, is he a character. He whips around the house, talking to anyone who will listen and playing with every toy in sight. His energy level is unbelievable. Chester loves human attention and love. He walks up to his foster mom, pats her on the leg to be picked up and practically jumps in her arms when she leans down to scoop him up. He loves to be kissed, petted, scratched and cooed to. Chester seems to have a big smile on his face when he’s soaking up all of that love. He is the sweetest little boy ever.

When we rescued Chester from Animal Control in Chicago in July, he was not expected to make it. Chester was critical with multiple wounds and punctures all over his body that appeared to be bite marks. Our vet speculated that he may have been attacked by a wild animal. In addition, his body was carrying a raging infection and he had a dangerously high fever. Chester went into emergency surgery where the wounds were clipped, cleaned, flushed and debrided. Where possible, they were stitched. Other wounds with not enough flesh to stitch closed, were protected with a wet/dry bandage that was changed every other day. In addition, two drains were placed, and laser treatments were done to help healing.

Chester endured daily medications, isolation, a protective cone, and a special diet for 30 full days before he was pronounced rid of the infections, healed enough to remove the bandages and cone, and deemed completely healed. Celebrations were heard all over Chicago as he threw off his collar and began to prance freely around his foster home. Through all of this, Chester was a trooper.

Chester is now strong, happy, and busy! He so fun-loving and confident that sometimes he intimidates the other fosters in his home. He is corrected and separated and is slowly learning the protocol for living with other animals. We think he would do well in a home with another confident cat or two, that will play with Chester and doesn’t mind him zooming around and trying to engage with them. A cat-savvy dog is probably ok as long as there is still another playful, confident cat in the home as well.

He is already neutered, FIV/FeLV tested negative, Avid micro-chipped, de-wormed and has all necessary shots.He is ready to go to a loving home. Adoption fee is $125

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