Delila is an adult cat with a luxurious calico coat.  Not only is she pretty, but she is sweet, and has the most adorable preferences and habits. When told it is dinner time or bedtime, she races for the stairs, but goes the long way.  Everyone else cuts through the kitchen to the hallway and up. Delila prefers to walk the length of the kitchen, cut through the family and living rooms, and go up the stairs from that side.  She knows where the food and treats are kept and sits patiently by the cabinet while they are being brought out for her. When her mom heads for her room to set the goodies down, Delila runs as fast as she can to get there.  Her little chubby bottom and her broken tail are so darn cute.  When it is not meal time, anytime Delila sees her mom walk toward her room, she runs ahead hoping it’s time to chow down.

Delila has some vision impairment, but easily navigates her three floors, a 45-pound dog, and 7 other feline foster brothers and sisters in her foster home.  She may not have 20/20 vision, but nothing is wrong with her hearing! Especially when someone calls her name, or “dinner time”, or “bedtime”, or “who wants candy?” (treats).  When her foster mom opens the door to Delila’s room each morning, Delila is waiting for her to say good morning then happily trots to her food dish.  After cleaning every last drop of wet food, she climbs up in her cat tree for a long morning nap.  Throughout the day, she comes downstairs and sunbathes in front of the family room sliding glass door, or in the office window cat tree.  Life is good for this little girl, but it wasn’t always this way.

In May of 2018, a good Samaritan called the County Line Pet Hospital in Steger, IL to report an injured cat in the middle of an auto dealership parking lot. When she arrived at the hospital, she was in very bad shape.  She had a severe head tilt to the right, her left pupil was very enlarged and her right eye barely open.  She could not stand nor walk; she was lethargic, had sores on her face, wheezy breathing and was close to term in her pregnancy.  She was not expected to make it.  But the loving care these special folks administered has her soon up and walking as her right pupil began to appear normal and the left retained a heavy cloudiness.  They determined at that time that Delila was completely blind.  She now was breathing well, eating and somewhat responding to pets.  Precious Pets Almost Home agreed to take this girl and provide a home for her and her babies.  Unfortunately, after an emergency c-section performed within two days of arriving to her foster home, only one kitten survived. Delila was unable to nurse the kitten and he was transferred to another nursing mother in the PPAH foster network.

Although angry, depressed, and combative, Delila was welcome to stay in her foster home during her recovery.  She spent her days hiding in the closet, or under furniture and would not come out to eat until left alone.  When approached, she growled and ran, as well as cowered in fear.  Four months later, she gradually began to wander around the room, respond to love, accept pets and treats, and allow her beautiful coat tto be groomed.  In January of 2019, the cloudiness in her left eye lifted and we hopefully took her to an eye specialist to determine if her sight was returning.  Delila maneuvered a complicated maze around the room effortlessly and it was apparent that some sight had returned.

Delila continues to thrive, interact with the other pets in her foster home, and respond to her foster mom’s words.  She fearlessly explores all three floors of her foster home. Delila is sight impaired, has a broken tail, and a slight head tilt but she is healthy and happy.  Now she is looking for a forever family that will love her as she is and provide her with love and “candy” every day for the rest of her life.  That forever home should respect Delila’s vision impairment and be willing to let her get accustomed to her new home slowly.  The perfect home for Delila can have cats or cat-savvy dogs.

She is already spayed, FIV/FeLV tested negative, Avid micro-chipped, de-wormed and has all necessary shots. She is ready to go to a loving home. Adoption fee is $125.

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