Meet Dylan

Dylan is a young adult cat with a gorgeous black coat. According to his foster mom, “Dylan-cat is the one of the most affectionate cats I’ve been around after rescuing cats for 15 years. He reaches up for hugs and smothers you with kisses. As soon as you sit down he plops himself in your lap, purring. When you make eye contact he starts to meow and comes running and from wherever he is for love. He is amazing with kids. He lets them pick him up, brush him, play with him with mice and feather toys, hug him, you name it. Dylan-cat is a dream come true.”

Dylan-cat (named by a 5-year-old and 3-year-old) was hanging around outside the gym of his rescuer for over a week until she was able lure him into a carrier. Luckily, this happened right was before the weather turned cold. His rescuer posted signs in and around her gym, as well as at local shelters and online, but no one came forward so she reached out to PPAH to help find Dylan a home. When we found him, Dylan was already neutered, but had no microchip. The vet estimated him at around 2 years old. His paw pads are worn so, sadly, it seems that he has been outside for a long time.

The ideal home for Dylan would be full of love and attention. Dylan loves people – adults and children alike. Dogs don’t seem to phase him. We think that with the proper introduction, he would likely get along with a cat or a dog friend, but we don’t know. As long as a home has enough love to give, he would likely be happy as an only pet.

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