Meet Eddie

Eddie is a low-key sweet gentleman. He has a thick, beautiful blue-gray coat
with a hint of white on his neck, and big green inquisitive eyes. He loves to be scratched, held and talked to. He was only in his foster home a short while and responded to his new name quickly. Eddie is not much of an eater – preferring to nibble overnight at his own grazing pace. Silly boy likes to sleep behind closed cabinet doors and always finds a way to get them open. When he has disappeared from sight, best to check the cabinets!

Eddie, who is between 3 and 6 years old, and was relinquished by his owner for unknown reasons. Once at the shelter, his upper respiratory infection turned into open mouth breathing, excessive sneezing and a bloody running nose. He was added to the “transfer immediately” list and scheduled for euthanasia if not rescued by 7:00 pm. We sent a transporter to pull him and take him to our vet’s office where he was examined, medicated and admitted overnight for observation.

Eddie went to his foster home the next day where he was syringe fed, given fluids and antibiotics twice per day, made comfortable in a bathroom where steam could run several times per day and a vaporizer could be left running to help him breathe. Finally, the sneezing and bleeding nose stopped and he began to eat on his own.

The best home for Eddie is where he has a gentle owner who pets him, talks to him, gives him rubs and provides a place to look out the window. He loves to be brushed, but it’s necessary to keep the session short as he does get overstimulated easily. Although he is not aggressive toward other cats, he does not need them in his life. While in his foster home, he walked right past the other cats and did not choose to interact with them.

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