Frankie Jr.

Frankie Jr.

About Frankie Jr.

Frankie Jr. is friendly, curious, and loving. He loves to race around his room with his siblings. He can be found bounding over and under the bed, through his play tunnel, on and around the cat tree. As soon as his foster mom enters the room, he stops in his tracks and runs over to greet her. Frankie Jr. has a white coat with big brown tabby patches. He is by far the biggest of his litter, outweighing Dots by about a pound and a half!

Frankie Jr. and his littermates were born into a foster home in on August 19, 2018. Their mom had been hanging around for several months, accepting food from a number of neighbors. It was obvious that she was pregnant, and one of the caring neighbors brought her inside to have her kittens (Dashiell, Dots, Frankie Jr., Severus, and Domino) in a safe space.

The ideal home for Frankie Jr. will be with one of his siblings, or another young cat/kitten with which he can play and socialize.

He is already neutered, FIV/FeLV tested negative, Avid micro-chipped, de-wormed and has all necessary shots.He is ready to go to a loving home. Adoption fee is $125

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All kittens must be adopted with another kitten or into a home with another young cat with which he or she can play and socialize.  The majority of no-kill rescues nationwide adhere to this policy. This policy is NOT based on a desire to increase our number of adoptions, rather it ensures that the kittens we rescue, nurture, and love are adopted into homes that offer the best possible environment for their social development.

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