Goose’s Rescue Story

Goose’s Rescue Story
Told by his adopter Tanya B.

Goose had big paws to fill. He was next in a long line of cats that could best be described as “dogcats.” Instead of whiling away their days in aloof feline splendor, interrupted by the occasional request for tuna, they were the sweetest, snuggliest, most social lap cats in the business. The kind that follow you from room to room, reach up to tap your leg for attention, always have wise words to share, and will lay atop your head and wash your face, because they see you as one giant cat.

Goose started his second life after being rescued from a serious fire that landed him at the pound. Featured on the ABC-7 News getting a life-saving breathing treatment, “Sprinkler” was saved and nursed back to health by PPAH’s wonderful team.

Even this frightening early life experience could do nothing to dim his sweet and silly personality. After our first meeting at Petco, it was immediately clear … he was THE ONE! And he seemed to be completely onboard with this too, hopping right into the bag and never looking back.

Goose “Sprinkler” made himself at home right away and quickly grew spoiled as he became the center of all attention. In the rare times he’d find himself alone in a room for a few minutes, he’d frantically meow the words “oh no” over and over! Today he’s a healthy and handsome boy who’s grown big and strong – the only vestige of the fire, a little wheeziness. He no longer says “oh no” — probably because he’s not so worried anymore.

He routinely charms everyone he meets — from visitors, to the vet, and even the groomer who gives him Soft Paws manicures! Guests make jokes that they are going to take him home with them. All he asks in return is a little “milky” every day. If you happen to stop by, you’re likely to find him asleep on his back — without a care in the world, always open and vulnerable despite his past.

For his first Christmas, Goose got to meet Santa. Then, he was honored when Captain Marvel featured his doppelgänger, Goose the Cat, on the big screen. This Halloween, he’ll be dressed as a postal worker, helping to protect our democracy!

Goose brings his own brand of joy, big enough to keep spirits high in this uncertain time. He reminds us to live in the moment and to trust, despite past trauma. But mostly, he makes hearts swell with love. Goose is a survivor all right. Turns out, he’s a rescuer too.