About Jody – Kitten – Female

Sweet Jody really is something else! With her persistent curiosity, and adventurous nature, she’s a great representative of the small but mighty club! Jody has a tremendous amount of love to share with her people, and she’ll do great with a family that appreciates her intelligence and need for play and enrichment. Whether it’s wrestling, chasing, climbing or tossing around a favorite mouse toy, she loves to play. Jody is a beautiful solid white kitten with yellow eyes, who will curl up in your chest and fill the room with her purr. If you’re looking for constant entertainment, she’s guaranteed to keep you laughing with her silly antics and tenacity.

The Supernatural kittens are a litter of five adorable kittens who were rescued from Chicago Animal Control in March. While they were hissy little tykes when they first came into our care, they quickly showed us that all they really wanted was warm snuggles and chin rubs. They are very friendly kittens, who like most kittens, are active and playful.

What is the ideal home for these kittens? All PPAH kittens must be adopted in pairs or into a home with another young cat with which he or she can play and socialize. Other cats are ok. Cat-savvy dogs are a maybe. These kittens are very small and active they will not be good fit for a home with small children. They are developing their manners, and would do best with a patient and understanding families, who have experience managing and redirecting a kitten’s exuberance.

All kittens must be adopted with another kitten or into a home with another young cat with which he or she can play and socialize. The majority of no-kill rescues nationwide adhere to this policy. This policy is NOT based on a desire to increase our number of adoptions, rather it ensures that the kittens we rescue, nurture, and love are adopted into homes that offer the best possible environment for their social development.

Download an adoption application today! If you cannot adopt, please share with others to help her a find a “furrever” home.

You can also help by donating to sponsor her care. Or you can help by providing an item from our Wish List!

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