Kiki – Female – 10 Months

Kiki’s favorite game in the whole wide world is playing tug-of-war with a rope. Her foster family has never seen a cat play quite like this. She plays like a dog. She pulls on one end of the rope, backs up while shaking her head, and won’t let go. (She is impressively strong.) Kiki understands that it is all a game and is only fun to play if she has someone to play with. When she wants to play, she will bring the rope to her human’s feet and drop it, then look up with excited expectation in her big, expressive eyes.

When Kiki wants attention, which is pretty much all the time, she politely taps on her human’s foot. If that doesn’t work, she stretches up and gently scratches her paws against her human’s leg to say, “Time to play!”

In addition to being playful, Kiki is the ultimate lap cat. She loves to sit on her human’s lap while she is at her desk and sometimes offers to help with the typing. On the couch, she usually chooses to snuggle close by and get petted or sit on the back of the couch and put her paw on her human’s shoulder. In bed, she likes to lay across her human’s legs or feet and will often not budge until morning. Kiki enjoys having her tummy scratched and will roll over and wait for tummy rubs. She likes to be picked up and cuddled. She prefers the over the shoulder hold to the baby cradle hold because she likes to look around.

Kiki rubs up against everybody to greet them. She’s very friendly to new people. She plays with interactive toys like ropes and strings with feathers attached. She also loves to lick catnip mice. When her human gets out of bed in the morning (but not before), Kiki hops up to greet her for snuggle sessions. She asks for head rubs and rolls around. She loves to stretch in decadently cute ways and sleep on shelves and cat trees. Throughout the day, Kiki plays, climbs, sleeps, sits in the windowsill, and loves her life. Overall, she just wants to be near her human! She likes to reach out and pat her human with her paw to remind her she’s there. Kiki is very devoted.

Kiki is also polite and proper. If she wants food, she goes and sits at her bowl and patiently waits. She doesn’t meow for her meals or try to get at the food while it is being prepared (like most hungry kitties we know.) Kiki understands when she is being talked about or looked for and will pop her head up and respond with an adorable little mew that sounds like a question.

Kiki is a beautiful, young energetic girl with a shiny, sleek, super soft, black coat and big beautiful yellow-green eyes. She looks like a mini-panther and has the athleticism to match.

Because Kiki insists on having all of her human’ love and attention, Kiki is not a fan of other cats and would do best in a single cat household. She has no experience with dogs or small children, and because of this we recommend that she should be in a home without either.

She is ready to go to a loving home. She is already spayed, FIV/FeLV tested negative, micro-chipped, de-wormed and has all necessary vaccines.  Adoption fee is $125.

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