Kiki – Female – 7 Months

Kiki is a beautiful, young energetic girl with a sleek black coat. Kiki loves to rub up against you to greet you. She’s very open to new people. She loves to stretch on and scratch her scratching post and to sleep on soft things on shelves. She’ll play with interactive toys like strings with feathers attached. In the early morning she’ll come up for snuggle and cuddle sessions, asking for head rubs and rolling around next to you. Throughout the day, KiKi plays, climbs, sleeps, and sits in the windowsill. Kiki is a little chatty when she wants something! Overall, she just wants to be near you!

We took in Kiki from the streets of Chicago, after we scanned her and there was no microchip.

Kiki would do best in a single cat householdI. In her foster home with other cats, KiKi could not get past the door without hissing.  Face to face introductions were out of the question!. KiKi would do well with a slightly more experienced pet parent, as she makes it clear when she doesn’t want to be touched and gets cranky easily. She has no experience with dogs or small children, and because of this her foster mom recommends she should be in a home without either.

All kittens must be adopted with another kitten or into a home with another young cat with which he or she can play and socialize. The majority of no-kill rescues nationwide adhere to this policy. This policy is NOT based on a desire to increase our number of adoptions, rather it ensures that the kittens we rescue, nurture, and love are adopted into homes that offer the best possible environment for their social development.

She is ready to go to a loving home. She is already spayed, FIV/FeLV tested negative, micro-chipped, de-wormed and has all necessary vaccines.  Adoption fee is $125.

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If you cannot adopt, please share to help Kiki find a “furrever” home.  You can also help by donating to sponsor his care or contribute to our WISH LIST to other pets in need.

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