Meet Lassie


Lassie is a petite, black, DSH female kitten (est. DOB 3/24/19). She is shy at first but warms up after a few days. She can be skittish with sudden movements. She likes to be petted and receive belly rubs. She plays with her rainbow dancer string toy and will chase a ball. She loves to curl up with her brothers, Duke and Boxer and they will all groom each other. Lassie is very bonded to her brothers.

Before we rescued them, we were told that these three are bonded. Since in our care, we believe that they are indeed bonded. They continue to sleep together. When one gets up to eat, they all follow. When one uses the litter box, they will all go to the litter box. Once when Duke was drinking water, Boxer quickly walked over and started to drink simultaneously with him. Their foster mom has also noticed that if one cat starts scratching the cat tree, one or more will follow. Kind of like follow the leader. If you can believe it, sometimes when they walk together, they even intertwine their tails! All three cats like to chase the laser pointer.

These kittens haven’t known a lot of people in their lives. When they arrived at their PPAH foster home, they were pretty shy. After about a week, the foster mom was able to pet and play with all of the cats and Lassie stopped ‘hissing” at her. They do not like to be held but can be picked up. So far, we would not call them lap cats, but based on our experience so far, we expect them to be able to get to that point in their forever home. They are very gentle and loving. Lassie is the most timid of the group, although she is coming around. Although Duke and Boxer always come when called, Lassie may respond only sometimes.

We are looking for a home that wants to keep the Three Amigos together. Other cats are likely ok. They could probably get used to cat-savvy dogs. Seeing these three bonded kittens flourish in a loving home will be very rewarding.

She has been spayed, tested negative for FIV/FeLV, received her microchip, rabies and FVRCP vaccines, 2 rounds of deworming and flea/ticks treatments. she is ready to go to a loving home.  Adoption fee is $125

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