Miley is a beautiful gray tabby with fluffy fur and a sweet face.  She has a tiny frame and almost looks like a kitten.  But at around 8 years old, she has the calmer demeanor of an adult cat.  Miley loves playing with wand toys with her human. She is not as fond of balls or anything that she has to play with on her own, though she does sometimes resort to that. She has a funny habit of sitting in front of a mirror or other reflective surface and staring at her reflection. We think she’s mesmerized with her own beauty!

We rescued Miley in a desperate medical condition. We pulled her from Animal Control and took her directly to the vet where she stayed for three weeks.  She was in extreme pain and was found to have several bladder stones, so severe that the bladder was pushing against her colon and causing digestive issues as well.  Miley is completely recovered and is now on a urinary diet food to keep her little body from developing more stones and/or crystals.

Miley can be very cuddly. She often curls up in her foster mom’s lap or right next to her while working on the computer. She also likes to extend her personal grooming to her foster mom if they happen to be close to each other.  Miley needs time to relax, settle in and feel at home in new environments.  She typically shows her discomfort by vocalizing and growling. Once she is familiar with her surroundings and the people in her space, she is very sweet.  Miley has to be an only cat and will have to remain an only cat for her lifetime. She is reactive around cats and dogs.

She has been spayed, tested negative for FIV/FeLV, received her microchip, rabies and FVRCP vaccines, 2 rounds of deworming and flea/ticks treatments. she is ready to go to a loving home.  Adoption fee is $125

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