Meet Ninja

Ninja loves attention. If she isn’t passed out soaking up a ray of sunshine streaming through the window, she will come when she’s called. She likes to rub her head and body all over her favorite people, purring non-stop the entire time. If you need to make a video call, you might have to leave the room, or set her up elsewhere or she will be the star of your meeting. She’s pretty good about not standing directly on the keyboard, so your hands can keep typing, but she will go from side to side, and maybe settle in on your lap if you sit back far enough. Ninja has made a real impression on her foster dad with whom she shares an office most of the time – he LOVES her.

Ninja is the self-appointed queen of her castle. However, for her to be content, her realm should consist of one or two adults who are happy to do her bidding. That’s why her current foster home is the perfect set-up for her. She is in her own space that has lots of windows, no other pets, and is frequented only by cat-savvy adults.

Ninja’s typical nighttime patterns include sleeping at the foot of the bed in winter months and sleeping on the couch on a blanket draped over the back of the couch when it’s warmer. During the day, she loves to lounge in a patch of sun on the floor or on a piece of furniture. Ninja is good eater and has good litter box habits.

Ninja was originally adopted as a kitten almost 12 years ago. At first she was happy to be in a home with only a dad and a feline friend. Then life progressed for her dad and ultimately Ninja was in a home with a mom, dad, cat, dog, child, and baby. This proved to be way too much for her and Ninja spent a lot of her time defending her territory by growling and swiping. She does this as a defense mechanism and to demonstrate that she is uncomfortable with the current situation. If you just walk away and let her get comfortable on her own terms, she does just fine. This is not so easy for small children or other small pets who Ninja often stalked. For her well-being and for that of the other small creatures in her adoptive home, Ninja was returned to our care.

The ideal home for Ninja will be composed of one or two cat savvy adults, perhaps a cat savvy older child, where everyone is willing to give Ninja her space when she needs it. The ideal home will also not have other pets that Ninja feels the need to protect herself from or dominate over. In her current foster home, she is not around any other pets and gives only love and purrs.

She has been spayed, tested negative for FIV/FeLV, received her microchip, rabies and FVRCP vaccines, 2 rounds of deworming and flea/ticks treatments. she is ready to go to a loving home.  Adoption fee is $125

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