Meet Nora

Nora is the absolutely sweetest kitty with the cutest nose. Her little pink nose has a perfect stripe running down its center, a perfect complement to her unique tortoiseshell pattern. Her giant expressive eyes are a gorgeous gold with a dark brown rim that make them look wise and sort of prehistoric-like.

Nora is loving and devoted to her human companions. She loves to sit next to them on the couch or perch by their shoulders on the back of the couch. She is a good sleeper, usually curling up at the foot of the bed on her favorite brown blanket.

Her foster mom nicknamed Nora the camo kitty because all of her favorite places to lay are brown and she blends right in with her camouflage-like splotches of black, brown, and gold. What part of Nora doesn’t blend in to her surroundings? Her bright orange back foot. It is so cute! Even when moving Nora brown blankets out of her favorite spots (to try to get some photographs where you can actually see her), Nora just found where her blankies were hiding and curled up there.

Nora loves lot of ways to be petted, but her favorite is a long stroke of the fingernails down her back. That gets her quiet, dignified purr going. When Nora went to the vet for a check-up, she was eager to explore her new surroundings and to then return to rub against her foster mom, the vet, and the tech. The vet said that she was the nicest tortie he had ever met. Nora loves wet food. If she thinks it is time that she should be fed, she reminds her foster mom with a distinct “Feed me now” meow.

Nora prefers the company of people over other cats. She is not aggressive towards other cats but will ask them to back off if they invade her space. Nora can walk right past another cat and not be bothered. But if a cat walks into her space, she will let them know it is not ok by letting out a big cry.

We rescued Nora from Union County Animal Control where she was brought in with 6 other cats, so we think after being with so many cats, now she would just prefer to finally get to be the center of attention and get all of the cuddles that she deserves.

Nora would thrive in a home with no other cats or dogs. She could possibly be fine with a non-aggressive, low-key cat who respects Nora’s personal space. If she is able to have her space and there is plenty of room for both, it should be fine. Nora is an absolute doll baby that would do great living with a devoted human who gives her a lot of love and a sunny spot to nap (preferably on a soft, brown blanket).

She is already spayed, FIV/FeLV tested negative, Avid micro-chipped, de-wormed and has all necessary shots. She is ready to go to a loving home. Adoption fee is $125.

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