Pookie – 10 Years – Female

Do you wish you had a dog that purrs? Then you’ll love Pookie, a cool cat with a dog-like personality.  Pookie enjoys following you around and laying at your feet or snuggling beside you on the couch. Pookie has a way of wholeheartedly flopping down right next to you that shows you he is completely relaxed and content.

When he isn’t right by your side, he will lay where he can keep a loving watch over you with his gorgeous green eyes. When you talk to him, he will sit up at attention, cock his head, and truly listen. Pookie’s left ear tilts down. This further adds to his pup-like persona and makes him constantly appear inquisitive and extra adorable.

Whenever Pookie gets a new toy, he gently picks it up with his paws, pulls it to his face, and rubs it back and forth on both sides of his cheeks before he starts playing with it. It doesn’t matter if the toy is fuzzy, feathery, mylar, or plastic, Pookie likes the feel of it on his face. He has the darling habit of carrying his stuffed animal toys into his round cat bed and holding them when he sleeps.

He is generally a pretty laid-back kitty, but when the mood strikes him, Pookie frolics and plays with every type of toy. His inner-kitten really comes out when he gets to chase a feather on a string or jump at a dangling snake toy.

When Pookie is getting brushed, he purrs and grabs the brush with his paws. Then this dapper fellow holds the brush in his paws while he rubs his face and chin on it. Yes, this clever cat knows how to brush himself! Pookie will hold a brush and take care of his face, while you brush his back and tummy. That makes him super happy and super purry.

Pookie has intricate orange and white markings and a vividly striped tail. He has the cutest splash of orange patterns on his face and a faint hint of an orange spot on his otherwise white paws and tummy. He is estimated to be about 10 years old.

Pookie has food allergies, so he needs to be kept on a particular diet. Fortunately, he loves his food and has a hearty appetite.  He also has a mild heart murmur.  We took him to a specialist for a cardiac ultrasound and the doctor described his heart murmur as very, very mild and not uncommon in a cat his age.  This unique kitty is loyal, loving, brave, and happy-go-lucky.  He likes children, but is not a fan of other felines. Pookie is looking for a human companion(s) who is as wonderful as he is. If that is you, please inquire today.

He is already neutered, FIV/FeLV tested negative, Avid micro-chipped, de-wormed and has all necessary shots. He is ready to go to a loving home.  Adoption fee is $125

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