Meet Shayla

Shayla is a very sweet and loving adult female cat; she truly loves people more than life. A perfect day for Shayla is being around her caregiver; receiving lots of love; a quick round or two of playing with her toys, and a nice long nap. Shayla also gets a burst of energy that she loves to release by running around the room chasing her imaginary friends. She has the cutest expressions on her face when she is trying to call for your attention. Shayla will fall asleep in your arms and purrs until she falls asleep. She is tiny, but will amaze you with the amount of strength and energy she has. She’ll also sits right next to you while you work making biscuits and purring while showing you her belly. What is so special about Shayla is she is not supposed to be here; she was scheduled for euthanasia just a few months ago.

One of our vets suggested putting her down because they said Shayla was a very sick cat. But Shayla’s foster mom saw a light in her eye and a spring in her step that said that her time was not yet up. Shayla is comfortable, has normal input and output and has the energy of a kitten. She also has stage 3 kidney disease, high levels of the feline Coronavirus (not to be confused with COVID-19), misshapen intestines and kidneys, and an unhealthy gallbladder. For these reasons we are not putting Shayla up for adoption, but are looking for a foster to provide her a home, while we take care of her medical needs.

Before coming into our care, Shayla and her friends Kayla and Layla, lived in dire conditions most humans couldn’t even survive. No heat in the winter, no blankets/beds, sleeping on dirty plastic tarps or trash bags, feces covering the floor, no water to drink but from a broken toilet, trash covering every inch of floor of the house, and very little food to go around for four cats and six dogs. We cannot show you the photos taken during rescue due to confidentiality restrictions, but we can tell you that the best word to describe their living environment is toxic. Resources were scarce, but their instinct to protect themselves and their pack must have kicked in. We were told that during the night hours, the dogs would protect the cats from predators that could into the home through broken windows and doors, and during the day the cats could hunt for food and bring it back.

At this point, Shayla is fixed and vaccinated and ready to find a loving place to live out the rest of her days. Shayla would thrive in a passionate foster home looking for a very affectionate cat and willing to spend time doting on a furry friend. Because of her kidney disease, she does need daily fluids which we will provide. In order to not spread the coronavirus, Shayla cannot share a litter box with another cat, and needs to be the only cat in the room/home.