Meet Tarragon

Hi, I am Tarragon and I was born on April 7, 2020. I was one of six “Spice Cabinet” babies born to my mom, Connie, during the pandemic. Clearly she was not social distancing, but that’s okay with me because now I am here! My mom was found outdoors by one of the PPAH volunteers who caught her and took her to a loving foster family where I was born. My siblings, Cayenne, Paprika, Nutmeg, Sesame, and Truffle have already found homes, leaving me and my mom for you to adopt!

I am mostly black with a beautiful, silky soft coat that almost looks striped in the sun. If you look under my chin, I have just a few white hairs, which my foster mom thinks adds character, and big greenish-gold eyes. Speaking of character, I am incredibly sweet. I will jump up to see you, purring away, raising my back to meet your outstretched hand. I have been raised around other cats, dogs, a parrot, kids, and lots of people and I am very social.

I spend some of my day playing with my siblings, so I’d love to be adopted with my mom or another young cat. I also enjoy jumping in and out of boxes and paper bags, lying in my sunny window perch, and chasing a feather wand. If you want a companion who will greet you at the door with a lot of love to give, it’s me!

Adoption fee is $125

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If you cannot adopt, please share to help her find a “furrever” home. You can also help by donating to sponsor his care or contribute to our WISH LIST to other pets in need.

If you have any questions, please EMAIL US!