Una – Bonded w/ Tula

Una – Bonded w/ Tula

About Una

Una and Tula are looking for a home where they can be loved and enjoyed just for who they are – silly, quirky, beautiful, cat-loving, and endearing. Both of these girls are ready to be an active, loving part of a forever family that isn’t overbearing or imposing. Tula and Una will fit easily into a family that is more interested at first in what they can provide to a cat in need rather than what that cat can give to – or do for – them. They need a family who will be excited and charmed by watching them grow to their full potential, even it that potential doesn’t include snuggling noses or being carried around the house.

We rescued Tula and Una from CACC almost two years ago. They are still on the prowl for their forever home. In the time that they have been on our care, they have lived in 4 different foster homes (this is not because of the girls, but due to the circumstances in the foster homes). If you think that you could be the right family for Tula and Una, or know someone who may be, please continue reading to learn more about them. Either way, please share their story so that they may find a forever home.

UNA can often be found snuggling with her feline foster siblings. In fact, she LOVES Firecracker (a handsome orange and white PPAH alum) and can often be found curled up and sleeping with him. They bathe each other almost daily. Although she doesn’t bathe him, Una is fine with the family dachshund. At treat time and meal time, Una will join in with the rest of the gang. She takes her place in the food bowl and does not allow the others to intimidate her.

This sweet girl enjoys watching the bird feeder and birdbath from the windows. Her favorite toys include the fabric tunnel to run through, rainbow wand and plastic balls she can knock around the floor.

Una is less skittish and more trusting than Tula. She has progressed extremely well with building trust, and gives more chances for someone to love on her. She seems more independent and enjoys being out with people and other animals throughout the day. She often hangs out with her foster mom in the office when she works from home. And she is known to follow her around the house to make sure she isn’t missing anything exciting. Sudden moves and loud noises often cause her to run, but before she gets too far, she stops to watch and see what’s going on.

TULA loves other cats, particularly her sister Una, and gets along with small dogs. She enjoys a quiet household. When the house gets filled with laughter, music or a few people walking around, Tula will go and hide. Her foster mom sees Tula the most when she is working from home and all is quiet. She needs personal space and enjoys watching everyone from afar. But, the point here is that she does love watching her people. She doesn’t want to be alone, she just wants to be at a comfortable distance. That is, until the treat bag comes out. Tula will run from wherever she is to join the others to have treats in the morning, and will “chirp” for her treats to make sure you know she is patiently waiting for her turn.

Tula has come so far in her most recent foster home. Seeing her build trust and confidence in herself and her surroundings is so heartwarming. Although much less interested in human touch than the average house cat, Tula is very, very sweet and needs the right home to continue to build her trust in humans. One way for a new family to work on gaining that trust is to play with Tula using interactive toys. Tula loves wand toys and the laser pointer. Other favorite things include: little mice, Cat Prancer, catnip, and wands left on the ground that she can take off and play with on her own.

Tula is skittish with kids as she unsure of their sudden moves and will run and hide. She can be skittish with adults, but learns to trust over time if the adult doesn’t try to grab and pick her up. Tula has never been aggressive. She won’t swat or bite if she is uncomfortable, she’ll just go the other way.

Tula has specific places in the house where she likes to spend her day and take naps. She likes spending time in the exposed beams in basement where she can watch others from above. The other place is out in the open in her favorite cat bed by the window in the living room. Since this too is off to the side, she seems to trust that she can watch anyone approaching. She also loves to sit in front of the open front door watching the world outside through the glass storm door

Both Tula and Una will take several months to fully adjust into a new environment. If their adopter can just let them adjust on their own and give them the space they need, it might take less time. In their current foster home, it Tula took six weeks to come out of hiding (under bed, under dresser, out of the rafters where she felt the safest); but throughout this adjustment period, she always ate, drank, and used the litter box properly. Una took about a week to come out of hiding, but would run back to safety for the first several days. Tula still feels comfortable in her own space, but has become much more present and vocal during morning and evening routines. Una after two months joins in with the family, engages in play with the other cats, moves around the three stories without any fear, but remains cautious and a little unsure of human intentions.

We feel that the ideal home for Tula and Una would either be with a single low-key adult, or a couple with or without one or more other cats. If this home has a dog, it should be one that is not interested in the cats as Tula and Una are not interested in the dog, but rather tolerate him. They both jump when the foster dog barks, but stand their ground if he comes close to them as they want space from him. Their adopter needs to be an experienced cat owner, and not a first time owner. These are sweet cats who enjoy being part of the family, but not ones that seek out affection.

Una and Tula reside in a loving foster home and can be visited with an approved application.

She is already spayed, FIV/FeLV tested negative, Avid micro-chipped, de-wormed and has all necessary shots. She is ready to go to a loving home. Adoption fee is $125

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