Victor – Bonded w/ Hugo

Victor – Bonded w/ Hugo

Meet Victor 

Victor and his brother Hugo are a bonded pair who ended up at animal control when they were very young, after their mama was hit by a car. They have total opposite personalities, which pairs perfectly with their Groucho Marx-inspired comedy style and unique appearance.

Hugo is a goofy, outgoing, intensely friendly dude who will snuggle you so hard you’ll feel like he’s trying to melt into your body. He has a huge personality and is very tenacious when it comes to befriending other animals. Even if they don’t like him at first, they’ll come to love him in no time because he just doesn’t give up. He loves to bounce around and goof off to get your attention; so even on your worst days, he’s sure to make you laugh. He’s also polydactyl, so he has an extra thumb on each paw that make him look like he’s wearing giant mittens. That is not only insanely cute, but super handy if you ever need to describe the shape of Michigan.

Victor is more sensitive and reserved but is still extremely friendly; he’d just rather curl up under a blanket with you while you relax. He’s a major league burrower— if you lift up the blanket for him, he’ll dig his way down to your feet and squish up against you as close as he possibly can. You’ll save a fortune on heating bills this winter! His fur is incredibly soft and silky. Some of his favorite activities include rolling around at your feet like a hot dog at a gas station, sliding around on the floor, sliding or off objects to get to where he needs to go.

These two are a high-energy pair but they keep each other busy. Watching them play is better than TV. They’d be super happy in any household, as long as they have the space to run around like maniacs. They’re hilarious and incredibly affectionate, so if you love to laugh and cuddle, Hugo and Victor are your guys!

All kittens must be adopted with another kitten or into a home with another young cat with which he or she can play and socialize. The majority of no-kill rescues nationwide adhere to this policy. This policy is NOT based on a desire to increase our number of adoptions, rather it ensures that the kittens we rescue, nurture, and love are adopted into homes that offer the best possible environment for their social development.

He is already neutered, FIV/FeLV tested negative, Avid micro-chipped, de-wormed and has all necessary shots. He is ready to go to a loving home.  Adoption fee is $125

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If you cannot adopt, please share to help him find a “furrever” home.  You can also help by donating to sponsor his care or contribute to our WISH LIST to other pets in need.

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